Wheels in motion for Aberfoyle's rise in Gravel Cycle Tourism

Dukes Weekender, the hugely popular, community run, family friendly cycling festival is based in the centre of Aberfoyle returns for its third outing on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 September. The two0day event will include the Gravel Hill Climb, the Gravel Enduro - a 75km gravel loop with six competitive time stages, and the 10km Kids Enduro. 

Local gravel and mountain bike riders Stu Thomson and Rob Friel set up Dukes Weekender in 2018, one of the first gravel riding events to be staged in the UK, with the key aim of making a major contribution to the community driven commercial regeneration of Aberfoyle. 

The success of the events in 2018 and 2019 have been instrumental in establishing the village of Aberfoyle as a booming year-round cycling destination. The events have also been a driving force for local community interest company, Bike Trossachs to launch 'Gravelfoyle', a cycle tourism brand with the prime objective of promoting Aberfoyle as Scotland's premier Gravel Cycling destination. 

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Source - Scottish Field