'Motorhomes egged and tires slashed' Popular hire firm warns tourists to avoid North Coast 500

A popular Scottish motorhome hire firm is warning people to avoid the North Coast 500 after pointing out that the overcrowded route has become a victim of its own success. 

Scottish Tourer, a luxury rental company based in Perth, stated that it has had tyres slashed and motorhomes being egged by upset locals while on the road trip. 

They've now included a pop up on their website warning people that they might want to avoid the NC500 after the huge influx of motorhomes and the narrow roads have meant that the delicate infrastructure is "simply unable to cope". 

The 516 mile route, which has been dubbed 'Scotland's answer to America's Route 66', has seen a huge influx of visitors following the recent restrictions easing across the country and with many people unable to travel abroad due to the uncertainty around air travel. 

Loved by car and motorbike enthusiasts due to the rugged terrain, sweeping roads, and epic scenery, it has been a huge attraction for the continuing 'stay in Scotland' tourism boom this summer. 

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Source - Daily Record