Edinburgh urged not to 'kill the goose that lays the golden egg' over the future of its festivals'

Mr Bush said it was vital that the festivals remained appealing to international visitors and retained their global "bucket list" status in the future. 

He also suggested the city should resist the temptation to stagger its festivals throughout the year, despite concerns that parts of the city centre has been struggling to cope with the number of people on the streets when major summer and winter events were on. 

However Mr Bush said the festivals needed to "work harder" to ensure they reduced their impact on the environment and predicted they would look a lot different from the recording-breaking events that were staged in the city in 2019. 

He also said the festivals were likely to be appreciated more in Edinburgh than they were previously after being forced to take a two-year break due to the pandemic and described them as vital for the "economic lifeblood" of the City. 

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Source - The Scotsman