Airbnb say Edinburgh Council crackdown 'won't affect most hosts in city'

Holiday rental giant Airbnb says Edinburgh City Council's 'short term lets' crackdown won't even affect the majority of hosts in the capital - while industry leaders say the plans are 'wholly disproportionate'. 

On Wednesday August 11, council chiefs looking to combat antisocial behaviour, housing shortages and gentrification took their first step towards a crackdown on Airbnb's and other short term lets by launching a consultation with residents on a suggested 'control zone'. 

The controls zone would span the entire city, and would mean Airbnb and other short terms let owners must acquire planning permission to use the property for this reason. 

During this process. the council officers and councillors will be able to determine whether a short term let is suitable based on density, residential amenity and housing shortages in the area. 

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Source - Edinburghlive