About SAA

The Serviced Accommodation Alliance offers membership to and serves, everyone that operates in the sector. There are no minimum entry requirements that must be met to become a member; so long as you operate legally and safely then you will be welcome here. We offer guidance and assistance to all owner/occupiers, landlords, agents and investors to enable them to realise their ambitions in serviced accommodation, whilst suppliers to the industry are served by a Trusted Supplier Scheme who offer discounts to members.

We recognise the huge potential of serviced accommodation but also realise that in time it will come under political scrutiny and pressure in the same way buy-to-let has. Our aim is to enable operators to provide best practice for both their and their guests’ safety and security. We will achieve this through increased levels of compliance and by working towards accreditation. If the sector can willingly understand and address its own challenges, we can work towards self-regulation and less political interference.